Coloradans are typically a pretty laidback bunch. But if you want to spark up a spirited debate, ask one where to find the best green chile.

It’s a hotly contested question, for more than one reason.

First off, there’s the spelling: chile or chili? Can the two be used interchangeably, or is there a difference? Popular consensus is that chile with an “e” refers to a sauce made from chile peppers (we’ll delve into to what kind of chile peppers in just a moment), while chili with an “i” refers to the meaty red soup usually cooked with beef, red chili peppers, onion and spices. That said, you’ll see it spelled both ways — sometimes even on the same menu!

Next up: New Mexico or Colorado green chile? This is where people really get fired up.

Read the full post on The Denver Blog.

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